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  • What Motivates Us to Study

    What Motivates Us to Study
    06 Nov
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    How Do We Truly Get The Most Out Of Studying?

    In this world, we tend to be a bit obsessed with making things better. We’re constantly wanting to improve, thinking we need to advance, and alongside this comes a tendency to think “the grass is always greener on the other side…” In other words, whatever “paddock” we are in, there is a greener one and we spend much time and focus trying to jump paddocks, and this never seems to end….

    No wonder some people throughout history have described life as feeling a bit like being on a conveyer belt. 

    At Evolve College we do not churn out qualifications and we do not see our students as numbers. Hence the importance of voicing topics like this one, so that we can offer a different way of seeing study that actually supports, instead of putting someone into constant drive. 

    In our society, we are trained, largely through the way we are educated, that we need to study in order to succeed and it is imposed upon us as something we may dislike but have to do to make us into a product that will succeed, instead of seeing education as something that merely adds to who we already are and can truly help us grow. 

    For many, that then becomes a chase of more and more pieces of paper and the promise is that the more pieces of paper you have, the better off you will be. However, there are many with multiple degrees etc including at a very high level, who do not have employment in their field or are working at a lower level than their qualifications would suggest. Clearly, something is not right. 

    In other words, through the way we are taught to think about study, and in fact about life in general, we constantly tend to think that where we are at, is not it. That puts us into constant striving – gotta get better, gotta get to the other side of the fence where the grass is greener, and all our associated thoughts! 

    It’s exhausting even thinking about it!

    What if you don’t need to go into study in order to prove yourself but, rather, to enjoy what you are learning and prepare yourself further for the work (or life in general) that lays ahead? Wouldn’t that be a far more fun way to study, and free you up to actually enjoy and grow in the process?

    Study, or the next job, or whatever it is for you, then becomes a next platform, from an already solid platform, instead of an empty chasing of the “better” or “best” that is so elusive and we never seem to get enough of…. 

    Study, and work too, can be incredibly satisfying and enjoyable. It is an opportunity to grow, develop and bring our all, and to truly prepare for what comes next. 

    The latter sure sounds more satisfying as well as more fun, wouldn’t you agree?


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