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  • Jethro Cooney Graduate Story

    Jethro Cooney Graduate Story
    15 Mar
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    Posted by Joanne Swinton-Burns

    Jethro Cooney ~ Diploma of Remedial Massage Graduate
    What first interested you in massage?

    I become interested in becoming a massage therapist to begin working the health field whilst I finished my Osteopathy degree.

    What was your experience at Evolve like?

    The structure of the course and the teachers made it a really enjoyable experience. It was easy to fit in around kids study and work and a great break from all three. Especially because you get so many great massages.

    How have your studies with Evolve prepared you for work in the massage industry?

    The course has exposed me to so many different clients with the open public clinics and community events so I feel very confident in whatever a client might need from me.

    How have you found massage supports people?

    People love massage and it has proven beneficial to my family and friends and even in my osteopathy studies.

    What advice would you give to aspiring massage therapists?

    Get into as many public clinics and community events as possible massaging the public and interacting with them gives you such great skills once you enter the workforce. The confidence I gained through the course from all the public massage encounters has allowed me to feel more confident and engaged with my clients.