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HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage


01 - Massage Therapy

Introductory Massage is the foundational module of the Diploma of Remedial Massage.
In Foundations of Massage 1 you will gain an understanding of the power of touch as a therapeutic tool and as a means of communication for the massage professional.
In Foundations of Massage 2 you will gain the knowledge required to select appropriate massage applications based on the benefits that each therapeutic massage type provides.

Massage Practice 1 requires students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to work effectively within a massage framework. This includes a compulsory on-campus class for students studying either on campus or by correspondence.

02 - Human Biology

Human Biology provides an informative study of all the body systems with reference to structure and function.
This subject contains links to the anatomy and physiology study resources, the Visible Body Apps.
Visible Body is a state of the art resource that will support you in studying Anatomy and Physiology.
It includes extensive 3D layered images, videos and interactive quizzes as a learning support. The suite of Apps consists of 4 individual applications that can be accessed via a web page on your computer and downloaded as Apps to your phone or tablet as well.

03 - Safe Practices

Safe Practices provides an overview of safe practices within the health care environment.

04 - Clinical Practice 1

Clinical Practice 1 incorporates completing Supervised Clinical Hours

05 - Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage 1 presents the importance of correct technique when administering deep tissue massage to treat acute conditions.
Deep Tissue Massage 2 looks at current research that validates the underlying physiologic mechanisms of therapeutic massage and the concept of why massage works.

06 - Working With People

Working With People looks at how to work effectively in a health setting and covers the skills required by practitioners to establish and maintain effective communication with the client throughout all interactions.

07 - Business Practices

Business Practices describes the skills required to provide administration for a clinical health practice according to the size and scale of the business.

8 - Sports Massage

Sports Massage introduces the knowledge and skills underlying sports massage treatments.

9 - Remedial Massage 1

Remedial Massage consolidates the information gathering, decision making, and plan development first presented in previous subjects. The focus of the Remedial Massage module is on therapeutic techniques to prepare you for this important part of your practice.
Massage Practice 2 requires you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to work effectively within a massage framework. Class attendance for Massage Practice 2 is compulsory for students studying either on campus or by correspondence.

10 - Legal and Ethical

This module covers the skills and knowledge required to research and apply information about compliance and ethical practice responsibilities, and then develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to meet those responsibilities.

11 - Client Health Information

This subject involves the application of an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to analyse and respond to client health information in relation to remedial massage.

12 - Professional Healthcare

Learn how to work within the multifaceted Australian health-care system including engaging with other health-care professionals and developing important skills to improve and grow as a health-care provider. 

13 - Nutrition

The nutrition module explores the role you can play in supporting others with basic information in relation to nutritional health.

14 - First Aid

To satisfactorily complete this module students will be required to provide evidence of their current HLTAID003 Provide first aid qualification (or a qualification that specifically includes this unit within its delivery).
Students who do not hold a valid and current, relevant First Aid Qualification must complete training in HLTAID003 Provide first aid at their own cost and submit a certified copy of the qualification certificate to Evolve College.  NOTE: First Aid qualification must be valid (not expired) at time of completion of your course.

15 - Clinical Practice 2

Clinical Practice 2 incorporates completing Student Clinics (5 x 2 day clinics). Attendance at student clinics is compulsory for students studying either on campus or by correspondence.

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