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HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage

1. Up-front Payment

Paying for the course up-front at enrolment. This has the benefit of securing your place in the whole course as well as giving you access to all of your materials. This is currently our students' preferred payment option.

Pay full course upfront fee OR VET Student Loan fee
Our flexible options above have great advantages. Choose either to pay upfront or pay by a VET Student Loan and, either way:
1. It allows you to receive available materials for the course and commence your studies
2. It allows you to commit to the full qualification, heading towards a career outcome.
3. If enrolling on-campus it secures your place in class as they can book out (depending on location, timetable and student demand)
Subjects 1 - 15                 
Full HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage Course Fee
Fees apply to the current enrolment period closure date:

NOTE: If you have already paid for an Introductory Massage Course you will receive a credit towards the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage course fee for the first practical lesson in the course.

2. VET Student Loan

The VET Student Loans (VSL) program is an Australian Government loan program that helps students who meet eligibility requirements and who are enrolled in approved courses to pay their tuition fees. Evolve College Pty Ltd (RTO 41035) is an approved VSL provider for the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage. Students may apply to the Government for a loan, and VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. If approved, the Government will pay the loaned amount directly to Evolve College (as an approved VSL provider). If you apply for a loan for less than the fee for your course, you will be responsible to pay the gap amount in the tuition fees which are not covered by the loan. Once entering into the loan, you will owe a debt to the Australian Government for the loan amount until the debt is repaid. That debt will be managed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO administers repayment of the loan when your income reaches a certain threshold as dictated by the Australian Government. Before applying for a VET Student Loan you should read the important information contained in the Evolve College VSL Student Information Sheet, downloadable from www.evolvecollege.com/policies.


Evolve College Pty Ltd (RTO #41035) is an approved VET Student Loans provider. This means that Evolve College is approved by the Australian Government to offer enrolments in approved courses for which a VET Student Loan may be available. 

Approved course 

Evolve College is approved as a provider for VSL applications for the following course: 

  • HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage 

Note that VET Student Loans are not available for any other course offered by Evolve College. 

Loans are not automatic. It is at the discretion of the Australian Government to approve or refuse approval of an application for VET Student Loans. There are criteria to applying for a loan (described below). 


1.    What are VET Student Loans (VSL)? 

The VET Student Loans (VSL) program is an Australian Government loan program that helps students who meet eligibility requirements and who are enrolled in approved courses to pay their tuition fees. 

If you are an eligible student, the Department of Education and Training (“Department”) may approve your VET Student Loan application for an approved course with an approved provider. If you are approved for a VET Student Loan, the Department will pay your loan directly to Evolve College (as an approved provider). You will be responsible for any gap amount in the tuition fees (if applicable), which are not covered by the loan. Once entering into the loan, you will owe a debt to the Australian Government for the loan amount, which will be managed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO administers the repayment of the loan when your income reaches a certain threshold as dictated by the Australian Government. More information on repayments can be found on the Department’s website at https://www.dese.gov.au/vet-student-loans/vet-information-students.  

2.    Am I eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan?

The Department sets certain criteria for a student to apply for a VET Student Loan. 

You may be eligible for the VET Student Loan program if you:

  • are an Australian citizen OR a Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder residing in Australia for the course duration OR a New Zealand citizen who holds a Special Category Visa (SCV) meeting the long-term residency requirements in Australia
  • study in an approved VET Student Loans course (which, for Evolve College is the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage)
  • have not already exceeded your FEE-HELP balance. Your FEE-HELP balance is the maximum loan amount the Australian Government will loan you over the course of your life, for all study you undertake. For more information, please visit the Government StudyAssist website.
  • meet course suitability requirements, as set by Evolve College and as per the Training Package for the qualification 
  • have a Tax File Number (TFN) and are able to provide this to the Department.

3.    What do I need to provide to show academic suitability?

Evolve College undertakes interviews for all applicants applying to study in an approved course. In order to meet the VSL eligibility requirements, you will be required to:

  • provide a copy of your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SACE) that has been awarded by an Australian authority or agency; OR
  • provide a copy of a successful completion of an Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate IV or Higher Qualification (where the language of instruction is English); OR
  • display competence at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both Reading and Numeracy through a Government approved Language Literacy and Numeracy (LNN) testing tool. Evolve College uses the approved Australian Learning Resources Group LLN tool for this purpose. The LLN tool provides a simple online testing exercise which enables your LLN skills to be assessed. 

If you are not able to meet any of these requirements, you will not be eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan, as the Government sets strict standards and requirements for the issuing of a VET Student Loan. However, if you are not eligible for a VET Student Loan this does not mean you cannot enrol in the course. Evolve College has other payment options, including payment up front as well as payment in smaller amounts at a time. Please call us on 1300 880 885 if you would like to discuss options available for you. 

4.    Where can I find further information?

Further information on VET Student Loans can be found in the VET Student Loans information booklet which provides further material for use by student applicants. 

5.    Who decides whether I can get a VET Student Loan?

Please note that Evolve College does not decide whether you are granted a VET Student Loan. That is a decision which the Department makes, based on information which you provide. 

6.    How do I apply for a loan? 

Loan Application Form (eCAF)

The first step is to enrol in the Diploma of Remedial Massage with Evolve College. After two days have passed from enrolment, you may apply for a VET Student Loan, if you are eligible to apply and you meet the eligibility criteria described above. You will indicate to us, on your enrolment form, that you intend to apply for a VET Student Loan. 

Evolve College will report your application for enrolment to the Department. The Department will then provide you with login details to access the Government’s system, where you can apply for the loan and complete an electronic form which is called a Commonwealth Assistance Form (also referred to as “eCAF”). This is your official application for a VET Student Loan, and it also notifies the Department of your contact details. You are required to complete that form and send it to Evolve College at evolve@evolvecollege.com, in order for your application to be processed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is your responsibility to lodge your eCAF form with Evolve College at least two days after your enrolment with Evolve College, and before your first census day. You should take careful note that if you do not submit your eCAF form before your first census date, this will mean that your VET Student Loan will not be activated and your tuition fees will not be covered by the VSL Program. 

Therefore you also need to pay careful attention to the census dates in your course. Census dates are discussed further below. 


1.    Read our VSL Information sheet for students 

This information sheet (available at www.evolvecollege.com/policies) has all you need to know about VSL. If after reading it you would like to ask us anything, please do not hesitate to ask. 

VET Student Loan Information Sheet

You should also read the Qualification Fact Sheet for the Diploma, which contains a handy reference to things you need to know in relation to the Diploma. 

Qualification Fact Sheet

2.    What policies apply to a VET Student Loan? 

See our policies and procedures, on our policies page at www.evolvecollege.com/policies. All students are required to comply with Evolve College policies as a term and condition of their enrolment. 


1.    Loan Fees

Students who are accepted into the VET Student Loans program by the Government will be charged a 20% loan fee. That loan fee, i.e. 20% of the full loan amount, is in addition the principal of the loan itself, and must be repaid with the principal amount to the Government. Therefore it becomes part of the overall debt you accrue to the Department. 

However, note that the loan fee (of 20%) is not part of your lifetime FEE-HELP limit. Only the loan principal contributes towards your FEE-HELP balance.  

2.    Tuition Fees

Evolve College charges tuition fees for each course. These are set out in the fees published on our website, applicable to your course. Click the button below to view currently published fees. This schedule will be updated from time to time, to reflect the current fee period. 

HLT52015 VSL current Tuition Fee Schedule

3.    Charges not covered by tuition fees

Charges which are not covered by tuition fees are set out in the document by that title, available for download at www.evolvecollege.com/policies


1.    Loan Caps

Eligible students will be entitled for loans up to a capped amount. Students will need to contribute the gap if the total course fee exceeds the loan cap for a course. The loan cap is set by the Government and for the HLT52015 is currently $15,793, which means that you cannot loan greater than that amount. If your tuition fees are less, your loan also will be less, subject to meeting eligibility criteria and approval by the Commonwealth Government. 

2.    Your FEE-HELP balance 

You also need to ensure your FEE-HELP balance (of any previous loans) has a credit balance sufficient to cover the loan you are seeking. If you have a CHESSN (Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number), we can look up your balance for you. 


1.    Fee periods

Your course is split into fee periods, each of which contains a “census day”. You have three fee periods in your course. Each is approximately the same length. The fee periods are split into three components of the course, each containing five subjects. Click on the button below to view the current fee periods. 

2.    Understanding your Census Days

The census day is the last date which students can withdraw from the relevant unit(s) relating to a fee period without incurring a VET Student Loan debt for that/those unit(s). Therefore the Census Day is important. Once the Census Day passes, you are no longer eligible to withdraw from that particular unit or units without incurring a VSL debt. Click on the button below to view current fee periods, and tuition fees and census days for each. 

HLT52015 VSL Current Tuition Fee Schedule

3.    Will I receive notice of what debt I am going to incur before I incur it?

Yes. Every time a Census Day is approaching, Evolve College will send you a Fee Notice. This will ensure that you are informed of the fact that a Census Day is approaching. Evolve College will send you a Fee Notice at least 14 days before each census day. The Fee Notice will specify your fees and the upcoming census day. 

4.    How will I know how much debt I am accruing?

Your VET Student Loan debt is incurred the day after your census day (for each fee period) and you will be issued with a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (“CAN”) within 28 days of the census day via email indicating the debt which has been incurred. The CAN will include details of the unit(s) covered by VET Student Loan, so you can keep track of what debt relates to what units of study, and your progress in your course.

5.    What if your CAN is incorrect? (See previous Q.)

If you consider that the information in your CAN is incorrect, you must, within 14 days of the CAN issue, submit a CAN review request by emailing Evolve College at evolve@evolvecollege.com. You should include evidence showing why you think your CAN is incorrect.

If upon review it is determined that the original CAN was incorrect, your CAN will be corrected and re-issued.


1.    What are progression forms?

A condition of a VET Student Loan is that you make regular progress in your course. The Government uses “progression forms” to monitor your continued enrolment and engagement. Evolve College will send these progression forms to you. 

2.    How often do I have to do progression forms?

You will be required to complete a progression form to show progression in your course, every 4 months, to satisfy Government requirements. That form will also contain a survey about us, which you can answer however you feel to. 


1.    Withdrawal before census day

If you are an eligible student studying HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage and formally withdraw from your course before any census day you will receive a refund of any tuition fees (excluding any incidental costs) you have paid in advance for the study period related to that census day, and you will not incur a VET Student Loan debt for the study period related to that census day.

2.    Withdrawal after census day

If you are an eligible student studying the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage and withdraw from your course after any census day you will incur a VSL debt for the census dates that have already passed, unless the debt is remitted under special circumstances. If special circumstances apply, you will need to apply for a re-credit of your VSL balance, pursuant to our Student Fees Re-crediting Policy and Procedure, downloadable from our website at www.evolvecollege.com/policies

If you apply to withdraw from your course, your application will be treated in accordance with Evolve College’s Withdrawal Policy and Procedure. 


1.    Current approved courses under VET Student Loans (VSL)

Evolve College is approved to offer enrolments to VSL eligible applicants enrolled in the following course only: 

  • HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage 

Each year, the Department of Education sets a list of courses for which FSL may be available. The VET Student Loans Approved Course List Fact Sheet sets out approved courses. 

2.     Information from the Department about VET Student Loans (VSL)

If you would like to see further information from the Department on VET Student Loans please download the VET Student Loans Information booklet.

Contact us on 1300 880 885 to find out more about your enrolment and payment options. Our friendly careers team are ready to assist you with all the details.

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