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  • Evolve trainer takes massage to the bushfire affected Kangaroo Island

    Evolve trainer takes massage to the bushfire affected Kangaroo Island
    20 Feb
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    In the last few months, Australia has been inundated with news from the tragedies surrounding one of the biggest bushfires in our history. We have heard stories of lives lost, and watched as entire towns have been burnt to the ground. In times of natural disaster, many Australians have been lending a helping hand in whatever way they can, and one of our very own Evolve College Trainers - Linda Kenny, with the support of Evolve College students Mel Holman and Catherine Ivancic, have given their all in organising an event to support the residents of the bushfire affected Kangaroo Island.

    On the 13th and 14th February, 26 Evolve College students gathered at Parndana Ambulance Station in Parndana, Kangaroo Island to offer the residents deeply relaxing and nurturing massage free of charge. Over the course of the two days, the students of Evolve College gave over 160 massages to those who had been affected by the fires. 

    “The clinic was attended by young mums who lost their homes while their husbands were out volunteering, fighting the fires. Farmers who had lost entire farms and all of their livestock. One local who shared that not only had they lost everything, but they had to euthanize 40,000 sheep as well. You just cannot possibly comprehend what these people have gone through.” Says Linda. 

    Attendees of the free clinic included women and men in the community as well as the Defence Force who have rallied to Kangaroo Island to support the locals in whatever way they can. 

    Additionally, on both days, students of Evolve were taken over to the local school during their recess and lunch breaks to massage the staff that couldn’t make it to the clinic. Local businesses were also visited, with the staff receiving free massages. “Everyone was so very grateful” says Linda “Yes, it was hard work. Yes, there was a lot of organisation that went into it, but I would do it all again to support the people that need it most.”

    After attending the Kangaroo Island Clinic one student said “It felt really special to be able to give to the people who have lost so much. To see the strength of their community over there was amazing. I can really understand now the power of what we do”.  

    To sum up the two days, Linda says “I cannot describe the pride and privilege I feel after taking the students over and spending time with the people in the community of Parndana. There was so much emotion, so much care and so much of a community spirit between us all. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you so much to Evolve for my role as a Trainer which has enabled me to be in a position to help bring something like this together and thank you to Mel and Catherine for their involvement and the help and support they gave to make this happen. It was a team effort and I could not have done it without them.”

    Linda and her team’s efforts in Parndana, Kangaroo Island are part of Evolve College’s long-standing community massage program, which sees students volunteer massage at organisations, events and conferences Australia-wide. Not only is this an invaluable experience, but students love the opportunity to give back to the wider community. The feedback is consistently how much people love receiving an “Evolve College student massage”. 

    We take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt thanks to all the amazing students of Evolve College, and all that they bring, as well as sending our thoughts and best wishes to everyone Australia wide who have been affected by these devasting fires.