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  • 5 Ways Massage Can Make a Difference

    5 Ways Massage Can Make a Difference
    17 Dec
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    This week we take things back to basics with 5 reasons that massage really makes a difference. In a world that can at times seem overrun by thoughts, questions, decisions and ideas, massage does something unique – It brings focus back to the body. Perhaps if the body could speak a little louder, we would hear things like – You’re pushing me too hard! That food makes me feel ill! You’re being a bit too rough with me! Or the all time classic – Slow down! 


    Massage gives the microphone back to the body, and gives the client an opportunity to feel what is going on in a relaxed and safe environment, far away from the noisy thoughts that take up our day. So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons that massage makes a difference: 


    • It brings focus back to the body– When you’re receiving a massage, whether it be to your legs, arms, back or shoulders, a focus point is brought back to the physical body. In many cases, a person has sought out a massage practitioner because they have become aware of aches and pains that have been interfering in their daily life. On the massage table, the focus becomes the message the body is communicating, which can be a great opportunity to look at ways that you can look after yourself to prevent the aches and pains occurring in the first place. 


    • It is deeply relaxing– In our hectic modern world, having a space where you can let go and deeply relax is invaluable. The best part is, you have paid for it, so there can be no excuses for getting up to do something more ‘useful’! Yep – when you have a massage, there is nothing to do but relax and feel.


    • It can lift our mood, and make us feel better– Studies have linked massage to an improvement in mood, as a result of lowering cortisol levels in the body by as much as 30%, which in turn increases the chemical serotonin. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress, whilst serotonin is a chemical in the body that fights pain and helps contribute to feelings of happiness and wellbeing. 


    • It can improve flexibility and range of motion– Massage has been shown to support an increase of flexibility in the body which in turn improves an individual’s range of motion. If all our experiences in life occur whilst we are moving in our body, then isn’t increasing our range of motion increasing our ability to experience life? How much better are life’s experiences from a body that can move, bend and flex? 


    • It can support with our aches and pains– It is inevitable that life has wear and tear on our bodies, and at one time or another, chances are we are going to experience some aches and pains. There has been increasing research into massage’s ability to reduce pain, and numerous studies that link massage to a significant reduction in pain via reducing stiffness as well as inflammation. 


    Massage is therefore a modality to appreciate in what it offers and the differences it can make in someone’s day to day living.