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  • 5 tips to better sleep

    5 tips to better sleep
    19 Mar
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    We love sleep and value the key role it plays in your health and wellbeing. But too often, we are tossing and turning and waking feeling…still tired.

    Quality sleep is known to:

    • Help maintain a healthy weight
    • Improve focus, motivation and productivity
    • Support mood and one’s ability to cope with stress 
    • Improve immune function 
    • Improve overall health and performance 
    • Support the body through the ageing process

    Our industry leading trainers gave us their top tips to achieving better quality sleep.

    1. Keep it consistent! Going to bed at the same time each evening helps to avoid peaks and troughs in energy levels and builds a steady body clock long term.
    2. Move it. Develop a simple exercise routine and commit to doing it regularly.
    3. Hungry? Dinner is best had at least an hour before bed. Studies show that lighter meals and limiting caffeine or alcohol in the evening is a major contributor to quality sleep.
    4. Turn it off. With most internet users being on mobile devices it is an easy habit to get stuck on, but by reducing your screen exposure before bed you can drastically increase your sleep quality.
    5. Create a supportive sleep environment. Aim to have adequate airflow (don’t be afraid to have the door a little bit open), limit disturbing lights and keep your body at a comfortable temperature using blankets or clothing - this means less work for your body’s own temperature regulation.