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  • 3 Tips for Stress-free Assessments

    3 Tips for Stress-free Assessments
    11 Jun
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Here at Evolve college, we don’t like feeling stressed or overwhelmed any more than you do! 

    Therefore, this week we have rounded up our team of Evolve college assessors to give you three helpful tips of how to keep assessment tasks as easy and stress-free as possible:

    Tip 1: Keep it simple. Short sharp answers to questions and sticking to what you’re being asked to do is key. Most often than not, a short sharp answer or a simple task can deliver to the assessor all the evidence they need that you know the topic and are capable. So, when reading through an assessment task, keep it as simple as possible and ask yourself – What are they asking me to do or, what are they testing my knowledge of?

    Tip 2: Ask for help. If you need help or are losing hair over a task that either doesn’t make sense or you’re finding difficult, then ask for help! Either contact the college who can put you through to our assessment query team or ask another fellow student for support. 

    Tip 3: Get it done. Leaving tasks to the last minute will only make you feel under pressure, stressed or send you into overwhelm. It is an obvious tip, but give yourself enough time to do what you’re being asked to do, and when you sit down to complete a task – Complete it! Commit and imagine how great you’re going to feel knowing it’s all done and on time. 

    And remember, at Evolve college, we are not trying to trick you or have you fail. We want you to pass your assessments with ease and to enjoy the experience of gaining your qualification - because happy and confident students make great professionals