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  • How to set up a massage treatment room

    How to set up a massage treatment room
    30 Apr
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Professional presentation is an important factor in running a successful massage business, whether you are a sole trader or working in a clinic with other practitioners, setting a high standard in your treatment room is a valuable asset to your business and in maintaining a high return rate with your clients.

    There are key points to know when setting up a treatment room that will ensure it is a supportive and enjoyable environment.


    Be practical when fitting out your treatment room with the massage table and furniture. You need to be able to move comfortably around the room without feeling like anything is impeding on your personal space as well having enough room to be able to perform all the massage techniques for your client. 


    It is important that your room is well ventilated with natural airflow. During a massage the body can release strong odors. Burning incense, essential oils or scented candles before and after a treatment or using scented sticks or scent diffusers can help to keep the room smelling fresh and odorless. Just be mindful to those who may be sensitive to smell or have allergies and avoid strong fragrant or artificial smells.


    Soft and unimposing lighting is an important element to the room and the clients massage experience. At times clients can fall asleep while being massaged due to the relaxing effect it has so considering that the client will be feeling more sensitive when the treatment is over and avoid harsh or strong lighting in the room. If you can install a light dimmer these are very useful for adjusting the light to what you need.


    Keep your massage room at a comfortable temperature with the understanding that people will be removing clothing and could be feeling more sensitive after the treatment.


    Industry regulations for high standards of hygiene are required and taught by all reputable massage courses. A high level of hygiene and occupation, health and safety practice is expected to ensure the health and safety of both the client and the massage therapist is maintained at all times. 

    Décor and design

    Ensure your décor offers a relaxing, private and professional space, keep it simple and avoid clutter. Use closed cupboards for storing anything you don’t need during a treatment. Using a neutral colour palate and natural materials such as timber, stone, fabric and soft carpet or rugs helps to create a more comfortable and supportive environment.

    What else…? 

    Consider everything your client needs from a well-kept bathroom facility that is close by and easily accessible, to the possible addition of a mirror that can be used by the client on their way out from the appointment. Keeping stock of clean and quality towels and linen and consider coordinating the colour with your interiors or business branding, this adds a professional touch to your service and leaves a lasting impression for your clients.

    Your treatment room is more than just a space to perform a massage, it is an environment and a part of the clients’ experience. The level of care and attention to detail you bring to this space will enhance the experience for your customers and feed back to the quality of your practice. When customers enjoy their experience they naturally they want to share it with others and your business benefits from the word of mouth that comes from providing a service that people want to keep coming back too. It is not only enjoyable for your clients but also creates a space where you look forward to work and deliver your skills and services as a massage therapist.

    Evolve College teaches massage therapists the highest standards of massage practice. We value each and every students experience offering quality education and support for your learning and development no matter your pathway. For more information or to speak to one of our industry experts about the massage courses available call the team at Evolve College on 1300 880 885.