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  • Setting career goals you can achieve

    Setting career goals you can achieve
    23 Apr
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Setting career goals can be a supportive way to not only expand your work and career but also give you a personal confidence boost that is long lasting and greatly rewarding. Often, we associate career goals with people starting their career but setting targets for yourself at any stage of your work life can be a very fulfilling process, especially when your work has become mundane or no longer challenges you. So … what does it take to set career goals that are boundary pushing but also realistic and achievable? We take a closer look at the steps involved in making these life changing decisions.

    Step 1: Create your dream list

    Put pen to paper and start listing what you want to achieve in your working life, everything from the location, the pay, the company, the position, the type of work involved, whether you work in a team or a management position etc. No goal is too big or too small, this process is more about you exploring what you want from your work and the lifestyle that may come with it.

    Step 2: Make it relevant

    Making your goals relevant to your interests ensures you set goals that you will gladly commit too and furthermore greatly enjoy. Look at your interests and consider how your goal relates back to what enjoy most.

    Step 3: Skills and knowledge 

    If your goals include a new skill it is important to consider the necessary study or training that may be required. Upskilling is a great way to sharpen your skills and gain more insight into your industry. If you are working full time but want to do further training, you may want to consider what correspondence study options are available.

    Step 4:  Time frame

    Plan the timeframe you would like to achieve your goal and make sure that all the steps needed are taken into consideration. If you need to study, do the research and look at the courses available and timeframes that are required.

    Step 5: Set short term goals

    Look at the tasks you need to complete in order to make your career goals a reality and plan these short-term goals to ensure you stay on track and focused on achieving your goal.

    Accomplishing your career goals can be life changing and invaluable but making the process an enjoyable one is key when working towards your career goal. An important factor to remember is to keep exploring what’s possible and be open to new opportunities that may present themselves along the way. Talking to professionals in the industry can be a great support in making career decisions and goals. The team at Evolve College are here to discuss any of the career pathways and courses available to you.