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  • 5 Amazing Facts about the Human Body

    5 Amazing Facts about the Human Body
    18 Jun
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    The human body is amazing. From its processes to its resilience and everything in between, the human body is something to be celebrated.

     So, this week, let’s celebrate the human body with five facts that remind us just how amazing our bodies are! 

    1. The human body emits its own light – We literally glow! Research has shown that the human body emits its own visible light – 1000 times less intense than the levels that our human eyes are able to sense. Further research shows that this glow increases and falls depending on the time of day it is. 
    2. Your heart has its own electrical impulse, meaning that as long as it has oxygen, it can continue beating even if it is no longer in your body! 
    3. The human skeleton completely renews itself every 10 years. So, in ten years’ time you will have a completely different skeleton to the one you’re currently residing with.
    4. In an adult, blood circulates around 19,000km in a 24-hour period. This is the equivalent of travelling across the widest part of the Pacific Ocean every single day.
    5. If our DNA was uncoiled, it would stretch 10 billion miles (or 16,093,440,000 km). That is the distance from Earth to Pluto and then back.

    There are thousands more fascinating facts about our human bodies out there, and more being discovered every day. So, if you work with the body directly, such as in massage therapy, then take a moment to appreciate the incredible apparatus that you’re working with -  It is truly something to be celebrated.