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CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling


01 - Foundations of Counselling

Foundations of Counselling is the foundation subject of the unique and inspiring CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling offered by Evolve College.

02 - Developing the Counselling Relationship

In Subject 2, you will learn how to facilitate a counselling relationship and process with a client, and support your clients in their decision making processes. 

03 - Professionalism, Diversity and Inclusiveness

In Subject 3, you will learn how to work in counselling legally and ethically, work with a diverse range of people, promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety, and reflect on and improve your own professional practice.

04 - Theories of Counselling

In Subject 4, you will research and apply personality and development theories, learning how they work, and applying learning theories in counselling. 

05 - Therapies and Brief Interventions

In Subject 5, you will start to put it all into practice and select and use counselling therapies, as well as learning about providing brief interventions, an important aspect of counselling and the service you provide to clients. 

06 - Working with Crisis and Case Management

In Subject 6, you will learn how to recognise and respond to crisis situations. You will also learn how to develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management. 

07 - Specialist Counselling

In Subject 7, you will learn how to provide specialist counselling, including loss and grief support, as well as how to recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence. You will also learn how to support people to improve relationships. 

08 - Counselling Practice

Counselling Practice is an opportunity to attend on-campus and integrate and deepen your learning, as well as to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a Counsellor.

Counselling Practice is undertaken over 5 two-day blocks at your choice of on-campus locations for Counselling. Classes for Subject 8 are compulsory on-campus attendance.

Call us on 1300 880 885 to find out which campuses Counselling is offered at.

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Do you have a question about this course?

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