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Evolve College training in the following course is registered with Centrelink for student assistance.

HLT42021 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

HLT42021 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Subjects 1-8
6 months - 2 years
Student Assistance
12 months Centrelink Registered

HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage

HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage
Subjects 1-15
12 months - 2 years
Student Assistance
2 years Centrelink Registered

Funding is available for both the HLT42021 Certificate in Massage Therapy and HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage.

The following Centrelink Student Assistance Programs may be available for students to access (depending on the student meeting Centrelink criteria):

  • Youth allowance
  • Austudy
  • Abstudy
  • Pensioner Education Supplement

It is the student's responsibility to contact Centrelink to determine eligibility and requirements of Centrelink.

You will need to contact Centrelink to check your eligibility for Centrelink assistance. Please note that the College is unable to assess your eligibility - so please contact Centrelink directly. Mention that you are studying with Evolve College.

If you are intending to apply for Centrelink Student Assistance then please read the important information below:

  1. When completing the Course Enrolment Form please indicate your intention to apply for funding by ticking the YES box.
  2. Once your enrolment has been processed by Evolve College, we will provide you with a Proof of Enrolment Letter on request from you. Centrelink requires this letter as proof of your enrolment (we suggest you make a copy of this letter for your own records).
  3. According to the information we currently have, to be compliant with Centrelink you are required to enrol in and complete at least 1 subject every 6 weeks. You should check with Centrelink as to what the specific requirements are in your case.
  4. Completing at least 1 subject every 6 weeks will enable you to finish your course by the end date shown on your Proof of Enrolment letter.
  5. Evolve College will not supply a Proof of Enrolment Letter for Centrelink purposes when you have enrolled in the SUBJECT option. Enrolling in a single subject will not provide evidence to Centrelink that you intend to complete the full course.
  6. Evolve College will supply a Proof of Enrolment Letter for Centrelink purposes when you have enrolled in the FULL COURSE option. This option demonstrates to Centrelink that you intend to complete the full course. This is subject to any change instigated by Centrelink in this regard.
  7. Failure to comply with your study commitment will result in your full time student status being revoked.
  8. Evolve College will not be responsible if you fail to meet your Centrelink study schedule. It is your responsibility to notify Centrelink of any changes in your study workload.
  9. If you undertake a FAST TRACK mode of study and complete your studies in less than the indicated time period on the Proof of Enrolment letter, it is your responsibility to inform Centrelink of the date you completed your course. Note that Centrelink may require funds back from you if you fail to inform them of changes to your study, a drop in your study load below full time or an early completion, if you continue to receive benefits after the change has taken place. You should discuss Centrelink requirements with them directly, and it is your personal responsibility to ensure you inform Centrelink of all relevant information

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