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Providing excellent voluntary services at national events

Beyond Blue fundraising event

Woodstock Wine Estate, McLaren Flat
Event Date: 08/10/2022

I am a volunteer with Beyond Blue and have registered to organise and host their annual fundraising event, ‘The Big Blue Table’ this October 8th 12-2pm. I hope to raise awareness around mental health issues including depression, anxiety and suicide. Becoming a volunteer of Beyond Blue has given me a platform to help support those around me by having open discussions around mental health, which is vital in reducing the stigma around mental health. Woodstock Wine Estate in McLaren Vale have generously provided their outdoor area for me to host the event as well as contributing raffle prizes. I've had close to 40 businesses donate raffle prizes, in hopes to raise funds for Beyond Blue. To make the event extra special for guests attending, I am reaching out to see if anyone would be willing to donate their time and perform some light neck/shoulder/hand massages to some of the guests attending the event? There is alot of research highlighting the importance of massage/physical touch and mental health. It doesn't have to be too structured. Whilst some guests are sitting down, they may love you to perform some light massages. I can email my letter of authorisation to fundraise, volunteer status with Beyond Blue and the invitation with date, time and my phone number if needed. I sincerely hope someone is willing and keen to help out! Regards, Melanie Bailey-strawbridge