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Special Counselling Course Offer 
Quality Education Provider 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Please note: this offer is only available on the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling

We are so confident in our Counselling course matching our expertise in Massage that we are prepared to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on Counselling Course ("Offer"). To take up the Offer, contact us on 1300 880 885 or email us at [email protected] 

At Evolve College we have been commended on our very high level of education delivery. In an education field where there are other education providers not delivering a service that is compliant and supportive for students, it can often impact on the reputation or credibility of education providers who are doing the right thing and delivering a quality product. This is why we created our Quality Education Provider 100% Money Back Guarantee for the Diploma of Counselling course. 


The purpose of the guarantee is to support those wanting to test Evolve College as an education Provider in the field of Counselling. The guarantee serves as an offer that if those who enrol with Evolve College in the Diploma of Counselling are not satisfied with the quality of training they can receive a full refund of fees paid.

Terms and Conditions

The Quality Education Provider 100% Money Back Guarantee on the Diploma of Counselling is designed to support students being satisfied with their education provider. Terms and conditions that apply:

  1. The Quality Education Provider 100% Money Back Guarantee is only available on the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling.
  2. The Quality Education Provider 100% Money Back Guarantee expires after a student has completed 30% of their course or after 30 days from the date of enrolment, whichever occurs first.
  3.  If a student enacts the money back guarantee they cannot receive any statement of attainment or formal qualification from Evolve College for that enrolment in the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling.
  4. This offer is not valid with weekly payment plans or any payment plan that used DebitSuccess as a payment provider. Evolve College can not control the nature of the payment refund agreement for the purposes of a "trial period" for weekly payment plans. 
  5. Students are required to comply with the terms and conditions of their enrolment at all times, including the enrolment form, the Student Agreement, and the policies and procedures of Evolve College, as downloadable on the Evolve College website (together referred to as the "Policies"). Students who have not complied with the requirements under the Policies are not entitled to take up the Offer. 
  6. The Quality Education Provider 100% Money Back Guarantee on the Diploma of Counselling is not to be used by students as a way to get a refund on their course due to unforeseen circumstances or lack of study completed.
  • You may only claim the Offer within 30 days of the date that you purchased your course, or before you have completed 30% of your course, whichever is earlier.
  • To claim the Offer, you need to contact us by phone on 1300 880 885 or email [email protected] 

You must provide us with the following information to validate your claim:

  1. your name;
  2. purchase details;
  3. the reason that you’re claiming the Offer.

Any charges that you incur in contacting us about or claiming the Offer are your responsibility.

We’re providing you with this Offer because we stand behind the course we offer. But if for some reason our course is not for you, then you’ll get your money back. Please note though, that if you haven’t complied with our course Terms and conditions (as outlined in the Policies), or if in our opinion you are trying to obtain benefits from the Offer that you’re not reasonably entitled to, your Offer claim won’t be accepted.

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