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  • What Makes a Massage Therapist Popular?

    What Makes a Massage Therapist Popular?
    06 Feb
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    The key to true quality

    What is it that makes a massage therapist popular? Here are some common perceptions:

    • The length of time they have been in practice
    • The technical prowess they wield
    • The amount they charge
    • Whether they are registered to offer 

    The thing is, you can have a massage therapist that ticks all the boxes in terms of technique and application, but that is not of itself what people keep going back to a massage therapist for.

    Generally it is expected (and it should be) that a trained massage therapist knows what they are doing and will know the correct technique to apply and how to apply it. That is the bare minimum – clients should expect to receive the service they came for.

    However, in Evolve College’s view, clients deserve a lot more than that.

    Think about it. If you find a therapist that you really like, you are likely to tell everyone about them. But what is it that makes that person special?

    Generally, clients are after quality, and quality to a client is not just about technique. Quality, to a client, means the whole quality of their experience with the therapist, right from the time they call in to book, to being met and shown into the room, the treatment itself, and being walked out. But quality cannot exist in a vacuum. Therefore, if the therapist puts on a professional hat and acts the part, but outside the treatment room they are:

    a) disrespectful (to their colleagues, to their partner/family or to any others)
    b) in disregard (leaving things unattended to and all over the place), or
    c) not taking responsibility for things that are theirs to do in the admin side of their work, or at home,
    then they are not going to be bringing a true reflection and offering of quality to their clients.

    We cannot offer quality to others if we do not live it ourselves. And clients, like all people, are not stupid. Clients discern – and they have every right to.

    So if you are a massage therapist, just as if you are a professional in any field whatsoever, a great point to ponder on is the depth of quality you are living as your baseline, every day. Whatever your platform is, or the baseline you will not drop below, that is what you offer to your clients, and this is irrespective of how fancy your presentation may be or how well you can polish yourself up to pretend otherwise. Quality is an energetic fact, made up of the quality you bring to all of life. Make it true, and your clients will be showered with something wonderful as a result.

    In the end, when clients experience true quality – that is what they come back for. After all, wouldn’t you, as a client?

    When we stop and contemplate what actually matters to us – it is the quality of what we are offered, far more than technique/prowess and ticking boxes alone. (The technique/ticking of boxes should be guaranteed; we are talking about more than that.)

    The answer to how to truly succeed as a massage therapist (or in any other profession for that matter) could well lay in that very point…

    See what some of our graduates have to say about being out in the industry with the quality training they have received from Evolve College : 


    To Evolve College and our students, Quality is what matters.