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  • Taking Stock - Part 2

    Taking Stock - Part 2
    18 Dec
    Tagged as

    Posted by Evolve College News

    Making the most of the end of year “break”

    Last week, we looked at how we tend to race towards the end of the year in a panic, desperately trying to finish millions of things and feeling enormous pressure on us to do so – at work, at home and with family and friends. We tend to finish the year ragged, burnt out and beyond needing a holiday

    Is this a great way to finish the year? How does it leave us for the beginning of the next one?

    Then on top of that, at this time of year, we tend to go into full indulgence mode – which admittedly is hard to avoid with all those yummy temptations everywhere, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

    But the fact is, the way that we are in December, is going to affect the way we feel over our holidays (if we have them) and that in turn affects the way we are feeling, and how prepared we are, as we head into our brand new year. 

    The fact is, all those pressures we put on ourselves towards the end of the year take their toll. If we are exhausted heading into Christmas or whatever the season may be for us, then that “break” is not really a break at all, but a time when really – if we are super honest with ourselves, we probably just want to collapse and feel like we could sleep for days! 

    But, instead of listening to that – we go, go, go – from social function to social function, all so much fun – but they seem to never stop. Does that sound familiar? 

    Wouldn’t it be great if we actually took a moment (well, at least a moment) to stop and take stock – of how we are feeling, what we in ourselves and our body need in order to feel great and be ready for the next year…. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? … We may even find we can feel fantastic as a result! 

    That’s sort of like using the Christmas period as a pitstop in a super famous car race. A successful driver would never miss a pitstop – they would know that to stop, check in and do whatever is needed to ensure their vehicle is ready for the next phase, and peak performance – is all part of being a great driver, and enjoying the experience. 

    Perhaps we can treat our human vehicle – the thing we drive around in all day every day - with the same care and respect? 

    And when we reflect on that, we may come to see that this time of year offers us an opportunity – whatever our personal way of life and whatever the season is in our culture or beliefs – to come together, enjoy community and all of our connections, and remember what it is that life is truly about

    We wish all our readers the very, very best for the season, and our warmest regards to you all. We thank you very sincerely for your support during 2018 and look forward to seeing you in 2019. 

    Evolve College News will resume in January 2019.  


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