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  • Sheep Or Leader?

    Sheep Or Leader?
    26 Feb
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Where do you stand?

    People are smart. They know what is going on. People can read situations and they can read other people – just like a young child knows whose knee is safe to sit on and whose is not, or which house feels okay to enter and which does not, so too do adults know when walking into a room whether someone is angry or otherwise – and we can tend to give such a person a ‘wide berth’. 

    In other words, there is much that we know, without perhaps being able to explain it. But in the much that we know or get a sense of, there is often a lot we can see that we know is not right. 

    What do we do with that information that we have because we ‘just know’ that something is not right? If it is not being spoken about publicly or is not yet commonly accepted, do we push it back down and ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist? Or do we say what we have realised / thought / felt? 

    We tend to wait for others to express, before we do, using others as a benchmark of what is acceptable and taking our guide from there. If they accept what is going on, we tend to do the same. But the thing is, how is anything ever going to change from there? 

    One example is education. Evolve College is willing to look at the systems we have in place and common practices across the industry (at all levels of education) and say what we know – simply by virtue of being caring human beings. We do not wait for others to lead education out of the place it is in. We know that, by virtue of the fact we realise what education should be, that we have an opportunity and responsibility to represent that, in the way we run our College. And so that is exactly what we do. 

    All too often as human beings, we play the sheep role, instead of the leader. Whereas it is the leader – in all of us – that is truly needed.

    We are all leaders, when we bring the truth that we know, to those around us – not as a fight, but as a representation of how it can be, if we choose to go that way. 

    In the case of education, it is very simply a matter of making it all about the student and their experience, offering them all we as a College have to help them to grow and develop as a person, during their study – so they can then go out into their chosen industry and bring their all to that industry. Surely, that helps both the development of that industry, and our entire society when that starts to happen in bulk. 

    All of that, from just a simple focus on the student experience, and supporting them to learn and grow. The truth is not rocket science. It never is. It is just a choice as to whether we bring it, or not. 

    We are each one individual unit – and yet the impact of our actions is far greater than that. When we see this, the opportunity to bring what we know is something that can either hinder others around us (by acting as sheep and quietly accepting the way things are) or by walking what we know to be the truth and therefore offering a new benchmark for others to at least see, and use if they feel to. That is all we can do – but if we hold back or suppress our truth, then how will things ever change?

    To us, education is far too important to mess with and allow to be less. So we bring our all. 

    And that is just one field of many – people are spread across countless industries and relate to each other in many and various ways. If we all brought our all and saw ourselves as leaders and not sheep, perhaps things might change quite rapidly in this world of ours. Because the fact is, we each have a part to play – and it is our choice whether, and to what extent, we play it.


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