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  • Relishing The Sun

    Relishing The Sun
    27 Nov

    Posted by Evolve College News

    The Quality of Warmth

    What a wonderful thing the sun is! Its warmth is felt, in the Southern Hemisphere at least, so deeply at this time of year and if we allow it, we can feel it soaking deep into us, rejuvenating, like a clearing out of cobwebs.

    We can feel the sun on us even if we are fully covered with a hat and protective clothing. The sun’s beauty, warmth and regenerative offering is there whether we’re in bathers on the beach or just appreciating it from underneath a great big hat! 

    If we feel the sun, perhaps it can be a reminder to us to be warm and loving with each other, to make our interactions count, and to bring the warmth, focus and all that we can bring – to all that we do. 

    Perhaps the sun can remind us that everything we do matters – but more than that, that what actually matters the most is the way we do it all

    Quality – is the key to life. The quality of our connections, the quality of what we choose to bring to all around us. 

    All of this can be felt in those golden rays of sunlight that pour down on us each day.

    As our November intake students commence their very first studies with Evolve College, we take this time to remind us all that life is about quality. This goes to our study, the way we learn and apply ourselves, just as it does to the way we work upon graduation.

    To us, learning is a blessing – something we can love and truly enjoy, and grow so much from. We welcome all our new students to Evolve just as we celebrate all of those who are now well into their course. Thank you for making study what it is all about – learning and growing and seeing that, too, as a way of life. 

    Evolve College is the real deal when it comes to life-long learning. 

    We thank you very much for your support. 


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