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  • Is life a bit intense ? Part 2

    Is life a bit intense ? Part 2
    13 Mar

    Posted by Evolve College News

    The exhaustion of being in struggle

    Last week, we looked at the fact that the world just seems to be so intense and this is increasing – everywhere. It is at work, with increased demands and difficult situations, it is at home, and it is in our bodies.

    We realised that there is a huge distinction between intensity around us – and allowing that intensity to be inside us. We saw that the intensity of the world does not have to be inside our bodies. It is huge to realise this – and actually very freeing.

    And from there we saw that we can learn to observe, but we can only truly observe if we are not lacing things with our own expectations or pictures of how they should be or how others should be, but just accepting that others will make their choices in life and our job is the choice we have as to how we want to be.

    The choice, ultimately, just comes down to quality. Do we choose to remain ourselves, even in the face of intensity, or do we get caught up in it and just flap around with it like in the wind? Most of the time, or at least a lot of the time, we would have to say that we are flapping around with it – in other words, the intensity is running us.

    It is not a very pleasant way to live. And it is awfully stressful. And on top of that, it makes everything seem impossible, or at least very difficult, does it not?

    The answer is in connecting with a different quality inside ourselves. What quality is it that is running you? Or, said another way, what quality or power source are you plugging yourself into – that then dictates how you live your day to day?

    If you plug yourself into the struggle of life, and let it run you just like it is running so many of us and increasing the intensity as a result – as we all fire intensity at each other throughout the day, then is it any wonder you will come home exhausted and looking for some sort of escape?

    The fact is, it is exhausting to join the struggle of life.

    If you just choose to be you – and accept that things are intense around you but that you do not have to be – then that is a huge liberation. We won’t be perfect in this, of course, but we can certainly give it a try.

    Next week, we look at how this can work in practice – how we can do this and still ‘get things done’.