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  • Healthcare: Do you have a right to choose?

    Healthcare: Do you have a right to choose?
    28 Nov
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Part 1 – Is it an all-green-light for massage?

    Recently, the Australian Government announced the removal of the private health insurance rebate on a number of natural therapies. Remedial Massage was not affected by this and therefore remains available as a therapy on which rebates can be sought, for those who hold private health insurance (PHI).

    We are pleased to share that following the announcement in relation to private health insurance, the Government has specifically reported to the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) that massage therapy and myotherapy will continue to be eligible for private health insurance benefits. The Government stated that the Natural Therapies Review Committee considered massage therapy and myotherapy as part of its review of natural therapies and reported “moderate quality evidence of clinical efficacy”.

    The statement specifically confirming that remedial massage will continue on the PHI rebate list is both welcomed and warranted. However, in the remainder of this series, we draw attention to wider moves afoot in relation to health-care that suggest a possible restriction in natural therapies overall. In this context, Evolve College views the situation as a whole and is keeping a watchful eye on developments that affect the availability of health-care to all. We urge the Government to take great care in its treatment of health-care and its availability to all Australians, as a topic of vast importance to the entire Australian public.

    Next week, we explore this further, and over the course of this series of articles, we look at moves afoot to potentially restrict availability of health-care to the public and what this means.