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  • Graduate Story - Kiersten Ross-Sampson

    Graduate Story - Kiersten Ross-Sampson
    05 Nov
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Kiersten is one of our students that graduated after completing the upgrade to the new HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage

    "Evolve College was a fantastic and supportive college to study with.
    I'm fortunate enough I now wake up every day and love what I do."

    What was your experience with Evolve?


After leaving a career in the corporate world, I haven't looked back since. With many obstacles before me, one being a 4 hour drive to get to class, I was determined that nothing would hold me back. 
During my training at Evolve College at the Newcastle campus I felt that both the practical classes and theory was informative. Student support services were always helpful with any questions I had and the training team provided fantastic online videos which supported the classroom learning. 


How did your study prepare you for work in the industry?

    Upon completing the logbook and virtual clinic hours at home, along with the on-campus clinic and voluntary work placement hours I had completed during the course, I felt confident seeing clients when I graduated.

The way the course is structured, you really get a lot of time to develop your skills. The teachers were great and each shared their areas of expertise. During the course I reached out to a previous graduate of Evolve to ask her for any tips in business. It was great having the encouragement from someone who had completed the course and had become a success in this field who was willing to help me.


Are you working in the industry since graduation?

    I have this saying, don't wait for opportunities to come to you, go out and seek the opportunities you want. Throughout the course I always massaged more clients than the minimum hours. I started building my clientele and treating the practice hours like my own business. Always treating clients with integrity, professionalism and respect.  
I took on extra work experience doing an event massage night at a local beauty salon and corporate massage with a local company. With all voluntary time I put in I gained exposure and experience. 

    The hard work definitely paid off.

I also connected with other massage therapists and physiotherapists and found that networking and finding a massage therapist mentor was invaluable.

On completion of the course, I started my own business, Sanctum Remedial Massage Therapy in Tamworth, NSW. I was fortunate that some clients stayed with me so I had bookings from my first week of business. Through referrals I have started increasing my clientele. In a country town word of mouth is so important. 


Anything else to share?


Evolve College was a fantastic and supportive college to study with. 
I'm fortunate enough I now wake up every day and love what I do. I also have a work/life balance.  Being a massage therapist is a great career as it's so diverse with the opportunities it can lead to. So, if in doubt, start with the Introductory Massage class. Just make that start! 

    Kiersten has her own business: 
Sanctum Remedial Massage Therapy