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  • Graduate Story - Karen Watkin

    Graduate Story - Karen Watkin
    15 Nov
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    Posted by Evolve College News

    Karen is one of our recent gradutes, completeing her HLT52015 Diploma in Remedial Massage in May 2017

    "The best thing you can do today is sign up. Tomorrow your life will change in a way you never thought possible."

    What would you like to share about studying massage? 

    If you are reading graduate stories because you are unsure whether to sign up to become a massage therapist, all I can say is “do it”. My life has changed significantly since graduating. I face all sorts of exciting challenges and love the uncertainty of what each day brings.

    Why did you choose Evolve?

    I signed up with Evolve simply because they offered their courses at weekends. Any clinic days, voluntary hours, home study, Evolve College offered ways to suit my life style and their support and communication was spot on.

    How did you find the study?

    The units themselves were packed full of knowledge and the books were and are still great to refer to. They are easy to read and have great detailed images. The tutor is friendly and very thorough with every aspect of your training. From learning the actual massage techniques to meeting and booking in members of the public.

    What happened after you graduated?

    Evolve didn’t just stop once I finished my studies. They continue to check in with me to see how I’m going and if they can help with anything. I just love their commitment and helpfulness to all their students.

    The best thing you can do today is sign up. Tomorrow your life will change in a way you never thought possible.

    Go for it and good luck!

    Karen has her own business: Agate Massage