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  • Fit For Work - Part 3

    Fit For Work - Part 3
    22 Jan
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    Posted by Evolve College News


    Over the past two weeks, we have looked at two components that are super important in being “fit for work” which are way beyond just ticking off a task list.

    If we want to be great contributors to our workplace, and not just provide the minimum – i.e. to just collect the pay cheque, then these things are key, and they are also valued by employers. 

    We looked at purpose and how true purpose always brings it all back to people – whatever we do, it is either a service or product designed for people, and if we hold that as our purpose then we know why we are working – it is not just for a pay cheque, it is to provide something of value to people. 

    We also looked at commitment – and saw that commitment means bringing a readiness to do whatever is needed. This is way beyond functionality only or a “tick box mentality” to doing the minimum. It means a real readiness to bring our all and do what is needed. 

    A third component we could add to our list for what it takes to be “fit for work” is care. Care encompasses the way we are with ourselves (e.g. do we push ourselves to the limit so that we actually arrive at work tired, or even burnt out, before we even begin, or do we ensure a level of care, consistently, that ensures that we arrive ready to bring our all). 

    And then of course, care also relates to the quality we bring to others that we are producing the work for, or performing the service for. Bringing a level of care to our work, knowing it is for someone, and caring about what it is they actually receive – helps to lift our performance from just ticking the boxes, to providing a genuine and caring service. 

    A great benchmark for this is the way we know we would like to be treated when purchasing a product or a service from someone else or a company. Why not use that to create the standards we know should apply in all workplaces, and then start to offer that ourselves? 

    The thing is, we don’t have to wait for others to offer the quality we know is required.

    For Evolve College, this is all important as it is part of preparing workers to enter industry. It is the reason why our entire operation is geared to support students from start to end, and beyond – so that the quality of graduate that enters industry is one that can offer a great contribution to the future of that industry. The way we educate, therefore, comes from a genuine care for each and every student, who is supported all the way through, in whatever way that means for them. 

    We consider that being educators is a privilege and it is a joy for us to be able to bring our all to providing premium, absolute quality education, to all those who choose to Evolve with us. 

    Thank you for the opportunity.  

    This concludes our series on “fit for work”. 


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