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  • Fit For Work - Part 1

    Fit For Work - Part 1
    08 Jan
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    Posted by Evolve College News


    The Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is focused on preparing people to be fit for work. 

    What does it mean to be fit for work? 

    There is a technical element, or we could call it know-how, to every job, whether that be the technical skills required to be able to do the job effectively, or the processes required to be adhered to through each step in performing work, or everything in between. 

    The technical, or know-how components of training have obvious relevance and importance. After all, for example, if we needed surgery of any type, we would want a doctor operating on us who knew how to accurately locate an organ and perform the precise surgical exercise required in our particular case. The same goes for anyone in any other aspect of industry, whether that be operating a forklift, performing a remedial massage, providing aged or child care, or being a counsellor. All jobs have their level of expertise, in a technical sense, which are required in order to do the job effectively. As members of the public, we rely on these service providers (and the many others in our society) to provide the technical expertise we need. And, of course, all training should thoroughly prepare people in this regard. 

    On top of that, is something very important, in order to really be “fit for work”. We could say that this encompasses a whole range of things, to do with the readiness and attitude a person brings to their job. 

    If we are fit for work, then we have a strong sense of purpose in what we are doing. Why is the job we have chosen important? To answer that, we can bring the job back to the central component or we could say essence of any role – and that is people. All jobs provide some sort of service or product for people, and essentially what matters is the quality of what is provided. If we make our purpose in working all about a focus on people, then we are setting ourselves up well right from the start. 

    From purpose, then flows other elements that are required in order to be fit for work. In the coming weeks, we will look at more of these – to help us be prepared for what it really means to be ready to go and bring all that the job needs, and more.


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