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  • Doing Well

    Doing Well
    29 Jan
    Tagged as

    Posted by Evolve College News

    When we say "doing well" what does that actually mean?

    Does our standard for doing well, mean feeling vital, ready to go, enjoying our job and life and making the most of every opportunity? 

    Or are our standards less? Lesser standards, for instance, might mean we are doing well if we are coping with everything on our plate, and just making it through to the end of the day or the end of the week. In other words, we might think we are doing well if we get everything done in the day that is needed even if we collapse the moment we walk in the door at home. 

    But are we really doing well if we are just making it through? 

    Last week, we concluded our series on being “fit for work”. Perhaps what was discussed there can help us in re-framing our standards to encompass what “doing well” also means. 

    Perhaps, if we are really honest, and do not just want to get by, get through, and achieve the minimum, then “doing well” would have to mean we are actually feeling great and ready and raring to go, on all cylinders, so to speak. 

    When we look at it like this, perhaps we can see that our standards have slipped over time, to just a minimum scraping through, as opposed to truly being and doing well. 

    It is a topic worth considering, if we are truly interested in our health and well-being. 


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