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    25 Sep

    Posted by Evolve College News


    Study On-Campus in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth in 2018
    SAVE UP TO 50%!

    Discover the ancient healing modality of Chakra-puncture. This amazing body work therapy can be studied as a stand-alone course or as a complement to massage or other therapies.

    Being a bodywork technique that is simple to perform by the therapist and deeply calming and restorative for the client, Chakra-puncture provides the ideal adjunct to Massage Therapy and can be used in combination with massage or as a separate stand-alone treatment.

    The modality is very safe and needle phobic friendly with clients. Clients have found it to be very nurturing and profoundly restful. The very fine needles are placed delicately onto the surface of the skin with a very slight penetration.

    Chakra-puncture is not acupuncture and there are no traditional acupuncture points used, and nor is there any adherence, use or reference to Traditional Chinese or Japanese medicine, philosophy or theories.

    This offer applies to enrolments into the Diploma of Chakra-puncture.

    On completion of the Chakra-puncture training students will obtain an Evolve College Qualification.
    • The Chakra-puncture qualification is non-accredited. Students receive an Evolve College certificate of completion.
    • The qualification includes a component of nationally recognised training within the course delivery.
    • It contains 10 accredited units of competency from the nationally recognised Health, Community Services and Business Services Training Packages.
    • Students receive statements of attainment in recognition of having completed nationally recognised units of competency within their non-accredited course.
    • There are no pre-requisites to study Chakra-puncture and no prior needling experience is required.

    Learn more about the non-accredited Diploma of Chakra-puncture or Certificate in Chakra-puncture.

    Please contact Evolve College on 1300 880 885 if you are interested in further information or enrolling in the Certificate or Diploma of Chakra-puncture in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth for 2018.