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  • Development - Part 1

    Development - Part 1
    09 Jan

    Posted by Evolve College News

    What do you have in store for 2018?

    At the start of the new year, it is a great time to look at developing things – beginning things. But the way we go about development is very telling.

    For instance, in a housing development, if we were the developer, would we have a funnel vision focused on making the most out of the development for the least possible expenditure, or would we consider the bigger picture and how the development could take care of everybody’s interests, i.e. the whole?

    Whatever scenario or industry we are in, we are all developing things all of the time. We may be commencing projects around the house or at work and the new year always feels like a new beginning. Many developments can ensue from this.

    In all of this, we can develop for the sake of developing and just pour ourselves into the mission of getting something done, or we can look at it all a bit more deeply than that. Perhaps the new year is a time to reflect on what it all means. Is life a task list, to tick off as we go? Perhaps if we were really honest we may admit that if it were our final day of life, all those tick boxes would not mean much to us, at all. In fact, we may ask ourselves why we made so much of life about them, and not about things that were true and meaningful to us.  

    If we initiate projects and develop them for the sake of keeping on going, getting something done, ticking something off or just being busy, then what quality is that going to bring to those the project is supposed to be for? What is there to be realised, when we are ready to see it, is that it is not the actual functional act of doing a project that matters, but the quality that we bring to it. That, after all, is the grace and strength that is carried within the completed project, or the lack of both of those qualities – depending on how we went about it.  

    The opportunity that is there for us is to see that all of life is a development – an opportunity to learn and grow. That is why Evolve College is your life-long learning partner. We consider that all study, as with everything in life, should be an opportunity to develop yourself truly. What that means is a chance to grow and learn, in a rounded, whole way.

    Projects we all embark on, whether they are study or anything else, have a purpose. If that purpose is to learn, grow and contribute to others in a real and meaningful way, then we would have to say the project has a worthwhile purpose, would we not? In the end, none of us are isolated units. We are all sharing space on this earth, which we could liken to being students in a big school of life, where we are all learning, and all affecting (good or bad) each other all the time. If we bring a focus and a purpose to what we mean by ‘development’, we can bring this to every aspect of life, and start to see every moment as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop – the benefit (and quality) of which flows straight back to us and all those around us as well.

    Evolve College wishes you all the best for 2018.