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  • Being in Your Power

    Being in Your Power
    13 Feb

    Posted by Evolve College News

    What does it actually mean to be in your power?

    Are you in your power or do you play to a lesser tune?

    These are interesting questions to ponder. We are talking here about all of life – your professional life as well as your personal life. Perhaps we could contemplate:

    • Do you speak up when you know something is not right, or do you swallow it and just stay silent?
    • Do you guard or filter what you say because you don’t want to ruffle feathers?
    • Do you change your voice/appearance/tone/self depending on who you are with, or do you just bring yourself in-full everywhere you go?
    • Do you allow others (professional and personal) to see who you truly are or are you too busy trying to get it right, be liked, respond with what you think they expect, or fulfil a role?

    These questions (which we can ask ourselves as a bit of a self-survey) illuminate much about the way we live.

    If we are willing to be very honest, we may find that if we put a percentage on it, the amount of time we are really just being ourselves, without vetting or filtering or altering ourselves to fit an image, is actually very low. It may even be under 5 or 10% for some of us. After all, how much of your day would you say you are absolutely no-holds-barred being all that you are, without responding to an image, a picture or a role you think you need to be? Most of us would have to say that a lot of the time, we are fitting in with an image of how we think life needs to be, as opposed to just living.

    All of this adds up to a pretty restricted way of living.

    And that also affects the quality we can offer to others – our clients if we are in a client service industry, as well as our colleagues, our partners, friends and family and in fact everyone around us. If we are fulfilling a role – a ‘good’ worker, a devoted wife, a providing husband, an obedient daughter/son, etc, then what do others truly get from us? They get the tick boxes – sure – because we are doing ‘what we are supposed to be doing’. But do they really get us? 

    The answer to that, at least a lot of the time, would have to be no, would it not?

    If we are after true success in life, including a successful job, a fulfilling relationship and personal life and all that goes with both, then a great place to start is a commitment to being all that we are.