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  • Australian Health-care: Do you have the right to choose?

    Australian Health-care: Do you have the right to choose?
    19 Dec

    Posted by Evolve College News

    Part 4 – Why bother considering this?

    In this series we have looked at the positive step the Government has taken in stating that remedial massage remains on the rebate list for complementary health-care, or natural therapies as they are called in private health insurance (PHI). However, we have also queried whether we can rely on such statements, given reports which have spoken against complementary medicine.

    Our comments in this regard come from an awareness of the impacts which could arise from a restriction in the availability or recognition of complementary health-care therapies.  

    Any such move could ultimately increase the cost to the consumer (the Australian public) for receiving complementary health-care therapies such as remedial massage. In addition, depending on the action taken, it could restrict the availability of such therapies in the longer term.

    Evolve College considers this topic as a whole, and does not focus only on the limited picture provided at present by the recent announcement that remedial massage will be retained on the natural therapies PHI rebate list.

    This series, and Evolve College’s comments are because we care greatly about health-care.

    Our consideration of this topic comes from our care for people and the quality of health-care afforded to the public.

    It is for the public that Evolve College teaches and delivers with the quality that we do, for the quality of student experience with us shapes the quality of massage therapist who graduates at the end of our course which of course in turn contributes to the quality of the massage industry and the service it offers to the public.

    Evolve College is a shameless leader in this regard and works closely with its students in the standards we uphold which are far stricter than any code of ethics or conduct put forward elsewhere in relation to massage. Twenty years ago, our founding directors and owners were responsible for introducing draping and its associated privacy, decency and respect to the massage industry and education in massage. Today, that expression of decency and respect is enshrined in the formal competencies of massage education. Today, Evolve College continues to lead the way and set the standards as we know they need to operate – for the true sake and benefit of all.

    Hence our work on quality in education and quality in massage is very much informed by the quality of health-care which all people deserve.

    In this context, Evolve College watches with attuned awareness the developments in the health-care space and anything that may impact on the very needed, very important and indeed very precious right that every person has to the health-care of their choice.

    These are topics that are of interest to every person, irrespective of their age or stage in life because, after all is said and done, our health is undoubtedly our greatest asset and our right to take care of it is a fundamental right that should be exercisable by all of us without dominion.

    We also refer back to our previous series on massage research, clearly demonstrating the efficacy of this therapy, although our comments above invite consideration by the public of their right to choose health-care more broadly than just massage.

    This concludes our series on complementary health-care.