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Evolve College supports students seeking exemptions based on their previous studies and experience.

Types of Exemptions

We welcome both Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as well as National Recognition (Credit Transfer).

RPL is where prior learning and experience are recognised as matching the competencies required under a Training Package. The Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is about competency to do a job, not about how or where you learned that skill and knowledge. Hence if your prior learning or experience is such that you have the competencies required, you can apply to have this prior learning recognised. In order to have RPL granted, your prior learning is assessed against the competencies required, and if you are deemed by an Assessor to have the competencies, RPL is granted and you are given an exemption from undertaking study of competencies you already hold. More information is given below.

National Recognition (or sometimes called Credit Transfer) is different. This is where you have achieved the relevant Unit of Competency elsewhere. It is an identical match. You can show your statement of attainment, or qualification certificate, as the case may be, and if you have the identical unit, you need not do it again. To apply for National Recognition is free – all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) recognise units of competency gained from another RTO anywhere in Australia. To download an application for National Recognition, please refer to the Downloads tab at the top of this page.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is provided by Evolve College to recognise prior learning of students who can provide evidence of competencies currently held for a given unit/course.

All applications for RPL will be considered on an individual basis and will take into account all information and supporting evidence you provide. Evolve College values the RPL process and welcomes RPL applications.

Applications for RPL may only be made on the relevant RPL Application forms provided by Evolve College. All forms required for an RPL application are set out in the Evolve College RPL Candidate's Kit, which is available upon request. Please call us on 1300 880 885 or email us at evolve@evolve.college to obtain a copy of the Kit.

Each application must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee. All sections of all forms must be completed and relevant documentation supporting the application must be attached. No claims for recognition will be considered unless supported with relevant documentation such as course outlines, subject descriptions, certificates, academic transcripts and/or industry experience. Certificates, qualifications and academic transcripts must be an original certified photocopy; do not send originals.

The RPL assessment will be based on formal training in a university course, or training at a similar college/RTO/institution in a similar course as you are applying for, and/or evidence of relevant industry experience. Refer to the Evolve College course guide to see each subject content summary. This can guide you through the application process in matching your previous study against the current HLT42021 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and/or HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage course content. Further details are given in the RPL Candidate’s Kit.

Summary of steps to apply for RPL

Step 1: Initial application form

Contact us on 1300 880 885 or evolve@evolvecollege.com to request a copy of the RPL Candidate’s Kit and fill out the RPL Initial Application Form.

Refer to the course guide for a summary of each subject. This will guide you in selecting which units to apply for by comparing your previous study or experience against the current HLT42021 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and/or HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage course content. Tick the units you are applying for, in the relevant space on the form.

Please read the Kit carefully before submitting the form so you are aware of all you need to do and the steps involved in the RPL application process. When ready, submit your RPL Initial Application form to us by email to evolve@evolvecollege.com, together with the requisite $100 fee.

Note that this is step 1 of the process and you will require approval, after an initial assessment, to proceed to step 2 (as outlined below). If you do not proceed, your initial application fee is not refunded.

Step 2: Stage 2 application form and self-assessment

Do not complete this step until advised to do so by your RPL Assessor. An Evolve College RPL Assessor will assess your Initial Application form and advise you whether you are eligible to proceed to the next step in the RPL process. If you are eligible, you will be asked to complete the RPL Stage 2 Application form and the RPL Self-assessment, and forward these to Evolve College together with all supporting documentation and evidence.

It is in your interests to provide as much evidence as possible to support your application. Everything you submit will be duly considered. Therefore, before submitting your Stage 2 application and Self-assessment, spend some time collating relevant documentation including original certified photocopies of any certificates, qualifications and academic transcripts, plus any other relevant documents as described in the RPL Candidate’s Kit.

Note that original certified copies of academic transcripts or certificates are required. Copies can be certified by anyone authorised to witness a statutory declaration in your state/territory, e.g. a police officer, lawyer, Justice of the Peace, pharmacist, etc. Authorised persons vary from state to state/territory. Do not send original testamurs/transcripts as documents are not returned.

When you are ready, send your completed documentation to Evolve College by email to evolve@evolvecollege.com, ATT RPL Assessor. Ensure to include the requisite fee for submitting the Stage 2 application, which is a non-refundable sum of $200 per unit of competency you are applying for RPL for. Further details are set out in the RPL Candidate’s Kit.

Note that if your RPL application is not accepted, and RPL is not granted, your RPL fees paid will not be refunded. Note also that, if you are awarded RPL but your Assessor identifies a gap, you will be required to undertake further training/assessment, as directed by your Assessor. If so, there will be a further fee for that training/assessment, which will depend on the amount of training/assessment required to ensure you satisfy all requirements of the qualification and/or unit(s) of competency you are seeking.

Step 3: Conversation with your RPL assessor

Your RPL Assessor will review all the documentation and forms you have submitted and commence the assessment of how closely your prior learning and experience matches the requirements of the unit(s) of competency you are applying for RPL for.

Your Assessor will contact you to arrange an interview, also called a competency conversation, where you can discuss further with them your prior learning, skills and experience. Your Assessor will ask you questions during this conversation. You may also be asked to provide further evidence or information.

Step 4: Practical skills demonstration

Your RPL Assessor will advise you whether you are required to undertake practical skills training and/or assessment. Please see the comprehensive details about practical requirements in the RPL Candidate’s Kit.

Step 5: Final result

After reviewing your application in full, including details provided in your interview (competency conversation), your RPL Assessor will be in touch with you about any skills and knowledge that have been recognised for the granting of RPL and any gaps. If you do have skill or knowledge gaps, your Assessor will discuss options for filling the gaps with you. Evolve College will support you to fill any gaps. Note that further fees are payable for any gap training/assessment required. Your Assessor will discuss this with you.

Your Stage 2 Application result will fall into one of the following categories: 

Successful Recognition

Successful recognition means that the application was successful and you have been granted RPL for the relevant unit(s) of competency. There is no further lecture attendance, assessment or financial obligation for that/those unit(s).

Challenge Assessment

Challenge assessment means that the application may be deemed successful on the satisfactory completion of a skills and/or knowledge assessment for the subject. The assessment may be in the form of written assignment, physical demonstration, written exam or a combination of the above. An additional fee is required which must be paid prior to attempting the assessment and covers the individualised attention in preparation and marking of the assessment.

Practical Training

You may be required to attend practical classes to ensure that supervised clinical hour requirements and or industry requirements (such as private health fund educational criteria) for the qualification are satisfied. This is explained fully in the RPL Candidate’s Kit.

Unsuccessful Recognition

Unsuccessful recognition means that there was not sufficient evidence to support successful recognition. Enrolment in the unit(s) of competency is required.

Partial Recognition

Partial recognition means that you have demonstrated skills/knowledge applicable to the unit(s) of competency you have applied for RPL for, but there are gaps. Your Assessor will discuss with you options for filling those gaps. If you have gaps, do not worry as we will support you in the training/assessment needed to fulfil these.

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