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Chakra puncture Trainer Neil Ringe

Neil Ringe B.Ac. B.H.Sc.

Neil holds the only Bachelor of Acupuncture Degree of its kind and a Health Science Degree (Pathology and Nutritional Biochemistry).

He has been in practice for over 30 years in a career that has included 8 years clinical study in Japan.

Neil has studied Acupuncture with such eminent practitioners as Serizawa Katsusuke, Giko Iizuka, and Ikeda Masakazu as well as the Toyo Hari Association. Neil also studied and taught Aikido at the World Headquarters in Japan.

Neil was instrumental in helping introduce Japanese Acupuncture to Australia in the early 1990’s, being part of the first group to put on seminars in this Japanese modality, presenting prominent Japanese Acupuncturists to the Australian profession.

Besides having taught Acupuncture in Japan he formerly taught Acupuncture to the Australian Physiotherapy Association and presented yearly at the Acupuncture Study Group’s national annual conference.

Neil’s practice of Japanese Acupuncture evolved and deepened into a much more inner approach culminating in the development of a new way of delivery in the early 2000’s.

In the mid 2000’s a transformation in Neil’s approach occurred which brought a change into true healing, since then Neil ceased practicing Acupuncture and has practiced Chakra-puncture as his sole modality. Neil’s long standing relations with many within the medical profession and other healthcare systems is based on a fundamental principle that we build professional relationships for the purpose of supporting everyone.

Neil’s message is simple: “The hallmark of being a true practitioner is that we all work together”. Neil’s combined experience in Acupuncture and Chakra-puncture of over 30 years, as a practitioner, educator and presenter, demonstrates a level of professional competency unmatched in Australia. Neil’s career is today devoted to teaching and practising Chakra-puncture.

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