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CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Field of Study

Aged care courses


CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support
This qualification is Nationally Recognised Training and qualifies you to work in the aged care and home and community care industry.

Course Overview

10 Subjects, study online with a vocational placement of 120 hours.  

Duration will vary depending on experience, skills and knowledge  Recommended minimum 6 months (Australian Qualifications Framework). Maximum duration 12 months.

Delivery method
Study aged care online in the state of the art Evolve College Online Interactive Hub, plus a vocational placement. Vocational placement is where you do your work experience and gain the real-life experience for your career.
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Course Description

The Certificate IV in Ageing Support course is a higher level qualification in the aged care industry. Build and expand your understanding of the fundamental aspects of working in this vital industry at a higher level. Combine your learning with plenty of hands-on practice giving you vital experience before you graduate. Continue to learn, demonstrate your skills and get invaluable exposure to the industry through a vocational placement. Throughout your study, the Evolve College team is there to support you to be ready to enter the aged care industry as a true value-adding professional member of it, upon graduation.

Evolving you as a qualified aged care worker

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to complete specialised tasks and functions in aged care services; either in residential, home or community based environments. You will be equipped to maintain quality service delivery through the development, facilitation and review of individualised service planning and delivery. You will learn about leadership.

With your Qualification you may be able to work in a variety of situations: examples of where you could work may include:

  • Aged Care Activity Worker
  • Care Service Team Leader
  • Care Supervisor (Aged Care)
Why Evolve? 

Evolve College provides nationally recognised aged care training that is both government and industry approved. Evolve College's founding team has been in the VET sector for 20 years. We are experts in education and we take great care in preparing people to enter their chosen industry. 

At Evolve College, we are ahead of the curve. We enter industries very deliberately because we know that integrity and professionalism in education, and true development of people, are needed to make those industries all they can be, for the true benefit of our entire communities and the public at large. At Evolve College we have our finger on the pulse of society and we work to be always ahead of minimum requirements. This shines through in the way we educate, and the way we always put people first. Those people are you - our prospective and actual students, and of course the public who our students go out and serve when they graduate. 

Click here to download an important fact sheet with information on this course.  

Do you have a question about this course?

Do you have a question about this course?

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